Stepping up to Challenges

The Kungsleden

Memories, even your most precious ones, fade surprisingly quickly. But I don’t go along with that. The memories I value most, I don’t ever see them fading..png

Why the Kungsleden?

Every quarter I schedule in a ‘review day’ where I find a quiet space, turn off distractions and sketch down all the things I’ve achieved, made progress or 'failed' in and think over the direction of business & art in order to plan the next 6 months.

Consistently, I make progress in my business which is rewarding and has had to be the focus over the past few years, but I find I am always sketching down ‘get healthier/fitter/stronger’.  As such, at the start of the year I set the Kungsleden, a 68 mile hike in Sweden's Arctic Circle as my next challenge and adventure - an event I had to honour.

The reason?  When I’m overwhelmed, lacking ideas or generally need to recharge I go outside and trek up a mountain!  The physical challenge and open space provides the time to think and a focus to switch off.  Therefore, the Kungsleden with it's vast and remote location seemed like the perfect get away to focus on fitness and inspire creativity...and it turned out to be worth every single step:


Getting Away

The Kungsleden offered a place to physically remove myself from the everyday, for its wide-open spaces, lack of technology, people and its ability to provide a quiet prolonged space for reflection.  

Cut off from the normal everyday, surrounded by the most beautiful and vast scenery, the Kungsleden was more inspiring than I had anticipated - and also more difficult. Reaching the end, my legs hurt and feet were destroyed but my head was clear and I felt wholeheartedly exhausted and invigorated at the same time.

Stepping out of comfort zones, pushing boundaries and challenging oneself spills inspiration, builds confidence and impacts your creativity in ways you can't anticipate...As such, I'm already planning my next trip!

What's your next adventure?

I've let you into my challenge and adventure...Now it’s your turn!  I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone today, do one small thing - whether that is sending a message to an old friend, going for a run or booking into sky diving! However big or small, set that challenge and feel good about the results. 

Or,  if you fancy trying a creative adventure, I’ve always updating my in person classes, teaching across Northern Ireland but if you can't make these, I also deliver lessons and inspiration right into your inbox via Studio notes.

I can almost hear what you're thinking, and you're not alone...I so often hear from students that joining a class is daunting, walking through that door is intimidating, and the fear is real they’re not arty enough to do it. 

I completely get it,  but that’s where I come in - it is my job is to make you feel comfortable, build up your confidence and skills and to prove there’s a creative person in there, all the while having a bit of a banter along the way. 

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