Hybrid Series

This body of work explores the questions and consequences that surround Science's potential to activate a change to the human body,  providing a discourse into the resulting intertwined ethical questions.

The scientific procedures which alter the body at a genetic ‘building-block’ level and incite possible transformations such as genetic engineering, manipulation and modification underlie this work.  In particular, emphasis is placed on their capability to impact notions of Self (dominant ‘us’ group), Other (subordinate ‘them’ group), and Personal Identity (what makes us human).

These Sculptural animal-humans or human-animals pry at the uncomfortable and awkward edges between human/animal, and natural/artificial and question . With particular interest in the audience’s reaction to these 'indefinable’s’, I will question how they perceive these beings - as feral, mythological, or futuristic?  Are they human or animal, and how should they be treated?  It is this grey and uncomfortable area of bio-ethics that continues to be difficult to define and underlines the basis Hybrid Series.

Photography by Mathew Booth


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