Videos & Documentaries


Figurative Artist Sandra Robinson talks with Mo McDevitt about her work and how she navigates making a full time living through teaching and painting portraits.


Short form documentary film project with multi-disciplinary figurative artist Sandra Robinson.

Filmed on location at the artist's home and studio in Belfast, it tells the story of how she became drawn to capturing the essence of character as a young child and why a portrait offers a representation of a person that goes much deeper than a photograph:

“I’m always trying to get more than just the physical appearance of somebody into the painting. I’m trying to get an essence of their story, their life; what makes them ‘them’.

Documentary storytelling project with artists Trisha Campbell, Emma Hawthorne, Sandra Robinson and Sally Young

A video project following the development of the work of four artists preparing for exhibition. Focusing on issues of what makes us human; the practitioners seek to balance their artistic practice with creative livelihood. Filmed on location at Conway Mill Studios, Blackstaff Studios and Larne Museum and Arts Centre.

"I think there is this line between either becoming a starving artist, doing it for the sake of it. Or you have to become a creative entrepreneur and create your own product, or services that fund the time in the studio. You have to define your own success."